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From DX to QX

Towards Quantum Transformation


The history of mankind is also the history of technological innovation and the industrial revolution brought forth by that innovation. Previous revolutionary discoveries like the steam engine, electricity, and digital technology have been triggers for changes in the economy and in our lives. Countries, companies and entrepreneurs who have visions for the future made those great advancements. What we are trying to do is to start Quantum Transformation (QX) to revolutionize society through quantum technology. We will create the future with those who understand that this is an opportunity to nurture the beginnings of that transformation.

How should we grapple with the unknown future beyond QX? No one has the answer.
Quantum technology is at the same level that digital technology was at in the 1980s. Just as people couldnt imagine a modern digital society in the 1980s, we cannot predict the future that QX will bring. However, we have a solution to bring forth that future even if we cant see it.
What we, the QX Team, is proposing is the VEP-Cycle.

How the VEP-Cycle Works

The VEP-Cycle is made of 3 factors: Vision, Ecosystem and PoC/PoB.
First, we envision what the future could be (Vision). We find likeminded people, build relationships and create an organic network together (Ecosystem). Then together, we perform Proof of Concept / Proof of Business tests and experiments based on various hypotheses and open up paths to changes in business and society.
We can build the future by reflecting feedback from our tests and experiments into our vision and repeating the cycle as fast as we can.

As you may have noticed, this website is made to connect with likeminded people that are excited about QX and that we can build the future together with.

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