Team & Partners

Founding Members

Masayoshi Terabe

Head of QX Project. Director of Technology

 (Responsible for business development and PoC/PoB).

Masayoshi is a former engineer and researcher who is continuously working tirelessly on the creation of new values by standing at the crossroads of society and technology. He has led many of the worlds first demonstrations of the social applications of quantum computing, and also has experience in communications and partnerships, intellectual properties, thesis publications, and holding consortiums. Author of "Quantum computing will change the future," among others. 
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Toshiaki Luke Hasumura

Director of Project Design and Creatives

(Responsible for Vision/Ecosystem).

Toshiakis expertise is in new business development; from ideation to launch. He is committed in creating new industries in Japan, such as creating Japans first (and now one of the largest) FinTech innovation hub, FINOLAB, and HAX Tokyo, the Japanese version of one of the worlds largest hardware accelerator programs, HAX. After meeting Masayoshi, he has become excited about the possibilities of quantum technology, and has launched QX together with him.
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Tetsushi Ueda

Business Creation Advisor 

(Responsible for Logistics/Team Building).

Tetsushi runs Business Research Through the Latest Technology Association that he started with more than 50 likeminded passionate people who all share the same desire to build the future through technology. He is enthusiastic about the world beyond DX. Through his research association, he aims to inspire the logistics industry and other labor-intensive industries by implementing shift optimization model in quantum computing to contribute to the diverse work style in logistic centers.



Masayuki Ohzeki

Professor of Mathematical Informatics at the Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University

Professor at the Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology Founder

and Leader of Sigma-i Co., Ltd. 

After establishing the theory of Finite Dimensional Spinglass, Masayuki expanded his research activities to span both quantum annealing and machine learning with statistical mechanics as the bridge. He is a thought leader in Japans quantum annealing technology and conducts many industry-academic initiatives. He founded Jij Inc. through the accomplishments of the implementation of optimization technology accelerated by quantum annealing that came out of JST Start (Project Promoters) program. To widen the stage for academics to perform throughout the world, he founded Sigma-i Co., Ltd. to find a new style of connecting industry and academia by having a researcher himself be the leader.

Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University.

Shu Tanaka

After earning his science-based Ph.D from Tokyo University in 2008, Shu worked at Tokyo University, Kindai University, Kyoto University and Waseda University before taking on his current position. He is a visiting associate professor with the Green Computing Systems Research Organization at Waseda University and serves concurrently as the Project Manager of Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOU Program) at the Information-Technology Promotion Agency. He specializes in theoretical research and application exploration related to hardware and software development of quantum annealing such as Ising machines. He is passionate about industry-academic researches that enable social implementations of quantum annealing such as Ising machines.

Classiq shapes the future of quantum software. The company builds the top layer of the quantum software stack, bringing automation and synthesis to the quantum algorithm design process and enabling quantum software development without limits.
Nir Minerbi, CEO.
Dr. Yehuda Naveh, CTO.

Amir Naveh, Head of algorithms.

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