Quantum Transformation is a project to revolutionize society using quantum technology.

The world is moving from analog to digital and beyond, to quantum.

As a global company handling numerous businesses, we will be at the forefront of quantum computing and create a new paradigm shift beyond the internet and Digital Transformation.

Quantum Transformation Concept


Our values

To accelerate the worlds evolution and growth by applying quantum technology to every business and occupation.

*01: What does “quantumize” mean?

It is a word we coined to mean to change business models and other systems by using quantum technology.


To eliminate distortions and inefficiencies stemmed from local optima around the world.

Our vision


Our mission

To enrich humanity by creating harmony around everything including people, towns, nature and ways of living.

This illustration is how we, the QX team envision the future. We will work toward this future with you who are furthering QX to create an even richer, brighter future.

Image by NASA

We Can Really Live on Mars?!

The computer of Apollo 11, the spacecraft that was used for the first manned moon landing, had only a fraction of the capability of modern smartphones. With quantum computers, we can obtain the ability to perform calculations for different dimensions, a feat that even modern computers cant do. It may not be long before were able to live on Mars.

Space Tourism is a Reality

Its said that with quantum computing, well be able to create materials and substances that we were unable to discover until now. With the creation of affordable and strong advanced materials and new fuel options, spacecrafts will become a familiar way of transportation and space travel an option for vacations.

Solving the Space Debris Issues

More than one hundred million pieces of debris of varying sizes float around the Earth at a rapid speed of 7-8km per second. Crashing into any one of those pieces could cause a major accident, but the number of debris is only rising. Quantum computing can understand the trajectory of every piece of debris as well as create space navigation routes that avoid potential crashes.

Image by Jordan Cormack

Future 3D Transportation Management/Flying Autonomous Vehicles

Through quantum computing, the creation of light yet strong materials as well as lightweight, high-capacity batteries will continue, leading to the era of flying cars. The power of quantum computing will allow for safe, reliable autonomous driving as well as preventing huge traffic jams in the sky.

Energy Management Using 100% Natural Energy

Because natural energy sources like wind and solar power are greatly affected by the weather, they are hard to use and have not become widespread. Along with the adoption of hydrogen and EV energy sources, quantum computing enables real-time adjustment of necessary electricity supply and highly precise estimations, allowing for maximum use of the worlds abundant natural energy.

Quantum Computing is the Solution to Save Electricity?!

As the use of AI increases around the world, the number of data centers and their electricity consumption continue to rise. Its said that by 2025, they will take up 10% of the worlds total electricity consumption. As quantum computing is more energy efficient, the worlds energy consumption can be reduced leading to a more sustainable future.

A Sustainable Supply Chain with Zero Food Loss

The creation of chemical fertilizer takes up 2% of the worlds energy consumption and 1% of the worlds CO2 emissions, but we can expect to discover a more sustainable method through quantum computing. We can also reduce the massive food loss problem in which large amounts of food are produced only to be disposed of by optimizing the food supply chain.

Make Smart Factories Even Smarter

The trend in high-mix low-volume production will accelerate. To keep up with this trend, and to adjust to demands and everyday happenings, factories will continue to evolve like living creatures to optimize production to demand in real-time. Quantum computing supports this evolution.

Traffic Jams Will Be a Thing of the Past!

In Japan alone, traffic jams lead to an economical loss of 12 trillion yen annually. Quantum computing can help with that. It will allow real-time optimization for all transportation by focusing not just on traffic jams, but by controlling traffic so that emergency vehicles are prioritized and unexpected occurrences are handled smoothly.

Upgrading International Logistics

Quantum computing will make international logistics more sophisticated by optimizing all aspects of logistics management from the packing and loading of cargo, weather, and the congestion of transport methods to the market conditions of fuel and warehouse capacity. This will reduce CO2 emissions and lower the cost of shipping.

Build Even Taller Buildings

Due to problems like material strength and the need for earthquake-resistant materials, the height of buildings is naturally limited. However, due to the creation of new materials, new earthquake-resistant designs, and the optimization of earthquake predictions and betterment of geological features through quantum computing, we may see a day when there will be buildings taller than mountains beyond our wildest dreams.

Image by Adrian Trinkaus

Subterranean Space: Our New Frontier

With quantum computing, space is no longer the final frontier. The use of vast subterranean spaces is greatly extended due to advancement of excavation technology and the evolution of strength calculations of geological features. We could tap into how to use these underground spaces such as resource acquisition, storage of CO2, living spaces, production facilities like plant factories.

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