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Quantum Transformation will be exhibiting online at SXSW2022, the global innovation event!

Hi This is Hasumura one of founders of Quantum Transformation Project (hereinafter QX PJ).

SXSW2022 (South by Southwest2022), one of the world's largest innovation festivals, will be held from March 11 to 20 (U.S. time).

Terabe, Head of QX PJ will be exhibiting online at Panel Picker "2050 Track" with the support of Prof. Masayuki Ozeki, Tohoku University and Ms. Maëva Ghonda, IEEE Quantum Steering committee member, to present the concept and activities of QX to the world!

In March 2022, the first anniversary of the official launch of the QX PJ, we will exhibit at the "2050" track, which is a big-picture from a long-term perspective that looks ahead to the year 2050.

March 11-20 during the event, it will be available on-demand, so please consider participating below!

■The project's sessions.:Click here→ SXSW 2022 Schedule  

"Quantum Transformation, The Next Paradigm Shift"

■Features :

Mr.Masanoh Terabe : Head of QX Project.

 ・Dr.Masayuki Ozeki :Professor of Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University

 ・Ms. Maëva Ghonda :IEEE Quantum Steering committee member

 ・Ms.Mariko Nagano  : Sumitomo Corporation DX Center


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