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What is a Quantum Computer? The year 2022 from the perspective of technology.

This is Luke from Quantum Transformation Project, changing society with the power of quantum.

Terabe, Head of QX PJ, participated in the "Hamamatsucho Innovation Culture Cafe" broadcast on Bunka Hoso at 2022/1/10 and 2022/1/17, and had a heated talk with Mr. Yuma Matsuda, CEO, ONGIGANZ about " The year 2022 from the perspective of technology " !!

What is a quantum computer? What is a superposition principle?

Please check out the article ! (Sorry, Japanese only)

You can also listen to the broadcast from the YouTube link below.(Sorry, Japanese only)

♯1 January 10 , click here.

♯2 January 17, click here.

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