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Sumitomo Corp. invests in"Nord Quantique" ,a gated superconducting quantum computer hardware startup

Hi, this is Luke from Quantum Transformation (QX) Project.

We are pleased to announce that Sumitomo Corporation has invested in ”Nord Quantique”, a Canadian gated superconducting quantum computer hardware startup, in April 2022, and was featured in the Nikkei!

◆Nord Quantique HP:Nord Quantique

◆Article from the Nikkei:住商、量子計算新興に出資: 日本経済新聞 ( (Japanese only)

Nord Quantique is one of the first companies to dramatically reduce the overhead of error correction by using an "error correction" method called Bosonic code, and to realize the ultimate quantum computer, an Fault Tolerant Quantum Computer (FTQC).

We hope to collaborate with them in Japan in the future!

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