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[Quantum Sky Project]Realizing a world with hundreds of thousands of air mobility in 203x using QC

Quantum Sky -Sumitomo corporation-

Hello, this is Terabe from the QX Project, which is challenging to revolutionize society with quantum computers.

We are pleased to announce that OneSky, Tohoku University, and Sumitomo Corporation QX Project have launched the Quantum Sky Project, a challenge to create a world in the sky in the year 203X.


Have you ever heard of a flying vehicle called eVTOL*?

*eVTOL is an abbreviation for "electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing".

In fact, the development of eVTOL for civilian use, which is easier and safer than helicopters, is gaining momentum around the world. eVTOL does not require a large space because it takes off and lands vertically. eVTOLs are also low-cost and low-noise. It is said that the time will come when we will be able to use the sky for even small, everyday transportation like cabs. This will happen sometime in the 2020s.

Sumitomo Corporation defines air mobility as "easy air mobility (eVTOL and drones) that can be used in daily life" and is promoting business development using air mobility in order to realize a world where transportation and other services using air mobility become commonplace.

So what will the world be like in 203X?

Isn't there a world in which hundreds of thousands of air mobility vehicles fly over the 23 wards of Tokyo in 203X, and isn't a quantum computer the key to making that happen safely?

I am sure that this is being realized in various places around the world. We are imagining such a future.

Eliminating traffic congestion, even on land, is a difficult problem to calculate in real time. Even with only 30 cars, 200 trillion combinations must be solved. The problem will become even more difficult in the sky, as the number of movement patterns increases. I am thinking of a future in which quantum computers will make such a world a reality.

optimization eng

Will this imagination really come true? No one knows for sure. However, I believe it will happen, and I hope to create such a future by conducting demonstrations, sending out my vision, gathering friends who share my vision, and updating my vision with them.

Air mobility and quantum computers are technologies of the future. What kind of world will be created by future x future? I can't stop being excited!

I would like to write a series of articles in this blog about the behind-the-scenes stories of the people who are challenging to realize such a grand world.

The first installment is on Sumitomo Corporation, the second on Tohoku University, and the third on OneSky Inc.

If you're excited about this, why don't you join us in this challenge?

We are sure that the combination of you and Quantum Sky will start a new challenge.

You don't necessarily have to be an air mobility expert, an engineer, or a quantum computer researcher.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Air mobility team -Sumitomo corporation-

Members of the Air Mobility Business Development Group of Sumitomo Corporation, who will appear next time. From left to right: Ebe, Takeda, and Ueda.

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