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Head of Quantum Transformation PJ Terabe spoke at CEO Summit on Quantum Computing.

Hello! This is Hasumura of Quantum Transformation Project, changing society with the power of quantum.

On December 1, 2021, Terabe, Head of QX PJ, spoke at the international conference "CEO Summit on Quantum Computing" hosted by IEEE Quantum, the quantum initiative of IEEE, the world's largest technical standardization organization.

The video recording of the conference is now available on the IEEE official website.

Please click the image below to go to the screening site.


1 December 2021, 10:00 AM ET • Virtual Event

  • Chair's Opening Remarks: Maëva Ghonda, Conference Chair and Chair, Quantum AI Insitute - Quantum Computing —The Blossoming Technology Empowering Discontinuous Innovations

  • Keynote Interview: Rob Hays, CEO and President, Atom Computing - High Performance Computing Meets Quantum Computing

  • Roundtable Discussion:

    • Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Houston, CMO, D-Wave - The Business Case for Quantum Computing

    • Panelists:

      • Dr. Neil Abroug, Head of the French National Quantum Strategy, Gouvernement Français

      • Dr. Hans Melo, CEO, Menten AI

      • Mr. Taro Shimada, CEO of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation; CEO of Toshiba Data Corporation; Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Toshiba Corporation

      • Mr. Masayoshi Terabe, Head of Quantum Transformation (QX), Sumitomo Corporation

      • Dr. Mark Nicholas Jones, CEO, Molecular Quantum Solutions

  • Featured Expert Presentation: Mr. Matt Johnson, CEO, QC Ware - Building a Quantum Computing Business

  • Keynote Interview: Dr. John Martinis, CEO, Quantala - Quantum Computing: the Next 10 Years

  • Featured Expert Presentation: Mr. Nir Minerbi, CEO, Classiq Technologies - The Future of Quantum Computing Software

  • Roundtable Discussion:

    • Moderator: Mr. Yuval Boger, CMO, Classiq Technologies - Quantum Computing: Sustainability and Cybersecurity

    • Panelists:

      • Mr. John Levy, CEO, Seeqc

      • Dr. Oscar Diez, Head of Quantum Computing, European Commission

      • Mr. Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer at ISARA Corporation

      • Dr. Lily Chen, Group Leader, National Institute of Standards (NIST)

      • Dr. Michael Marthaler, CEO, HQS Quantum Simulations

      • Dr. Ludovic Perret, Chief Cryptography Officer, CryptoNext Security

      • Dr. Bruno Huttner, Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, Quantum Key Distribution Expert, ID Quantique SA

  • Keynote: Dr. Vikram Sharma, CEO, QuintessenceLabs

  • Keynote: Dr. Michele Mosca, CEO, evolutionQ - Are You Ready for Success in the Quantum Era?

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