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Welcome to the world of QX

Nice to meet you. My name is Masayoshi Terabe and I am head of Quantum Transformation (QX) Project, which aims to revolutionize society with quantum technology.

I was previously an engineer and researcher in the automotive industry. In 2015, when the world of quantum computing was mostly limited to academia, I launched a social implementation project using quantum computing technology from scratch and set up a number of world-first demonstrations in the world of mobility and factories.

This is where I discovered the great potential of quantum technology.

I predicted that in a future world where quantum computers, which have the potential to perform extremely high-speed optimization calculations, are commonplace, we will see the spread of "Optimize the moment," a world in which new value is continuously created through instantaneous optimization.

Take factories, for example. What would happen if the factory itself could change in real time as various changes continue to occur? A factory that is like an ever-evolving life might be born. I am sure that this evolution will not be limited to the factory but would also affect the workers and the people around them.

Quantum computer will change factories.

Take traffic, for example. The dilemma is that everyone wants to get there as quickly as possible, which creates traffic jams and prevents everyone from reaching the destination at earliest. What if we could create a world where the entire city optimizes traffic, and everyone gets to the destination at earliest?

Quantum computer will change traffics.

And of course, the changes driven by QX will not be limited to mobility and factories.

Quantum computer will change the world. It will go from space to underground and across industries. There will be a great deal of excitement waiting for us.

Quantum computer will change the world

We have launched this project with the aim of creating such an exciting world. Through this project, we would like to communicate our vision of the future and take on the challenge of realizing it with those who share our vision.

We will be posting more information on this website, so please stay tuned.

The challenge to change the world with quantum computing has already begun.

Why don't you become a part of changing the world from today?


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