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Youtube channel is up and running!

This is Terabe, head of QX Project.

Since the release of the project, we have received lots of inquiries and sympathetic reactions, which makes us very excited.

Although the project is still in its conceptual stage, I would like to post more information about our specific activities.

We have just opened a Youtube channel and have posted the following three videos.

Please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get new video updates.


This visualizes the paradigm shift from digital to quantum.

Part 2

Quantum Transformation : What is Quantum Computer?

This introduces what a quantum computer is, and what it can do.

We are using the example of traffic jam mitigation which is one of the cases of the optimization areas, where the implementation into society is considered to progress quickly.


Quantum Transformation : Use case of quantum computing

This section shows the various applications of quantum computing that we are considering.

Some examples are traffic congestion, 3D traffic control, communication, energy, food supply chain, factory, logistics, data center, underground resource extraction, underground space utilization, material development, and satellite control.

They are just hypothetical examples and to achieve them is neither our goal nor objective. This should work as a catalyst to gather various and diversified opinions and ideas from the world.

Once you come up with any intriguing ideas for our projects, I would love you to contact us.

Let's create an exciting future together!


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