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Quantum Sky project at QUBITS2021!

Hello, this is Terabe from the Quantum Transformation project.

The QuantumSky project, which was released in June, is a real-time traffic control project for hundreds of thousands of air mobility vehicles in 203X. We will be presenting the first results of our accumulated demonstrations at QUBITS, an international conference hosted by D-Wave Systems, and we hope you will join us.

We have been steadily discussing the technology with OneSky, which has strengths in air mobility control, and Tohoku University, which has strengths in quantum annealing technology. We have been discussing about what kind of problem setting, what kind of data exchange, what kind of modeling, what kind of solver is suitable. We will introduce the knowledge we have gained and the solutions we have developed.

The presenters will be Mr. Renichiro Haba from Tohoku University, Daniel Honaker from OneSky and myself, Terabe. Please check it out.

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