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Quantum Computer Improves Performance of Traffic Control for Flying Cars

Hello! This is Luke Hasumura from Quantum Transformation Project.

We have recently presented the results of the first stage of the Quantum Sky Project at the international conference, QUBITS21, as announced in this blog.

We have released a short video summarizing the presentation and the vision of this research.

 As shown in the video, quantum annealing technology has improved the number of flying cars that can fly simultaneously by about 70%. It has been demonstrated to be about 10 times faster than conventional computers in certain problems. We believe that future quantum computers will be able to increase the number of flying cars by further improving their performance, and also create new values such as providing the shortest and best route for emergency flights, which is expected to be a priority for air mobility.

 Why don't you work with us to create a business that is rooted in the new society and world view that will be created by enabling 3D transportation?

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